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  • Rebar (round, hexagonal and square)

  • Rectangular Bars

  • Plates

  • Coils, tapes and strips

  • Tubes

  • Welding Wires and Inserts

  • Ingots

  • Parts according to drawing and others



  • Valves, taps, logs and finishes.

  • Hardware, hinges, locks.

  • Nuts, bolts, washers and rivets.

  • Terminals for switches, sockets for sockets and sockets.

  • Connections, flexible hoses and pipes.

  • Heat exchangers, condensers and evaporators.

  • Cutlery and accessories; Earrings, rings and ornaments; Musical instruments.

  • Propeller, shafts and marine equipment.

  • Bushings and bearings; Machining and stamping in general.

  • Others



  • Diversity of alloys and gauges.

  • Desirable properties and strengths.

  • Excellent machinability and stamping.

  • Recyclable and easily marketed refuse.

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